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An 82-year-old American priest was attacked and beaten at the Part-Dieu railway station in Lyon

An American priest who had just arrived at the Part-Dieu railway station and was looking for directions to his hotel  stumbled upon what at first appeared to be a “good Samaritan.”

The man that offered to guide the 82- year-old to his hotel, led him to an abandoned place outside of the railway station where he assaulted him and stole his wallet. The priest had to spend the entire night in a hospital,  his face bruised from the beating he received. The assailant not only took his wallet but also relieved him of his passport.


The police of Lyon aided by the American embassy worked all day Saturday in an effort to resolve the situation of the priest. The Novotel Hotel of the Part-Dieu, where the priest should have stayed on Friday night kindly offered him his Saturday night accommodation free of charge. The helpfulness of the police and of the hotel employees shows clearly the hospitality of the people in Lyon.


The assailant is still wanted by the police.

Source, photo: LeProgres

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