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Cameroon Enters Election Season Under Immense Tensions

Tensions remain high in Cameroon where Boko Haram conducts violence in the North and protests have led to hundreds of deaths in the South.

Boko Haram continues to conduct attacks across the Northern border near Lake Chad into Cameroon. They have caused devastation and death to dozens of families this year alone. Matched with a long standing tension between the Anglophone minority and Francophone majority, many countries are worried for the State of this country as it heads into election season.

These two situations are threatening to destabilize the country. The larger of the two issues is that a large population of English speaking Cameroonians are looking to create a new state called Ambazonia. This would be the southern tip of Cameroon. It has come from a long belief that the French speaking majority, who holds most of the government offices has discriminated against the other group.

The elections are supposed to take place on Sunday, Oct 7. Many groups believe that there has already been a spike in violence in the lead up to this weekend, but that it will get even worse. The current president of Cameroon has been in power since 1982, or for the last 36 years. This makes him the second longest running President in the world. This has led to an obvious belief that there is major corruption among the Cameroonian elections.

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