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Aggressor tried to decapitate a nun in a Mexican church


On the night of August 11th, a person armed with a knife entered a Catholic Church in Saint Luis Potosí church in Mexico during the celebration of Holy Mass where he tried to decapitate a nun with a knife and used abusive language.


The attack happened at about 8 pm, in the diocese of “Nuestra Senora de Remedios” ( Holy Mother of Remedies). The local press identified the aggressor as David Jesús Alberto, a member of the Mormon Church and a member of the Morena political party, also known as the  Movement for National Recovery.


The priest, Pérez Ortíz said that the offender announced his attack in advance. The day before the attack he posted a video on Facebook proclaiming “his hate against the Catholic Church.”


Fr. Pérez Ortíz recalls that at the moment of the assault against the nun, everybody was helpless. “He drew the attention of all of us. We felt helpless because we did not know how to handle the situation. We have never had anything like it,” he said.


The priests that were present at the time along with the lay faithful surrounded the attacker who, becoming afraid of the crowd, released the nun and ran down the stairs to make his escape.


“The men that began to follow him were threatened at knifepoint before they could apprehend him. Fr. Pérez Ortíz, says he is grateful for the “quick intervention of the police.” David Jesús Alberto is now in custody.


Fr Ortíz added that the diocese had already reported the assailant  to the police because his attack was premeditated.

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