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Thai-Burmese church members say boys’ rescue were answered prayers

Thai kids praying

Pray Meh is from Burma, Thailand’s neighbor, and among more than two dozen Thai-Burmese congregation members at the First Baptist Church of Trenton (FBCT). She and others at the church say their prayers were answered earlier this week with the safe rescue of the Thai Wild Boars soccer team and their coach from the flooded Tham Luan Nang Non cave complex in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Many of the Thai-Burmese worshippers at FBCT say the team’s saga affected them, and their fellow congregants, because of their Christian beliefs to show love to humanity and community.

“They are very-loving people, and so when anything happens in their country they are affected because they are a family-oriented people,” Rev. Nadir Powell said. So, while the Thai navy SEALS were preparing for their dramatic rescue efforts inside the cave, the congregation – like many around the world – prayed for a safe and timely rescue.

They stayed upbeat with a trip to Six Flags’ Great Adventures with Rev. Powell, who thought the trip would help them cope.

“Of course when I found out that they found the boys I was really happy,” said Christal Hla. “I was happy that everyone was alive. But one of the rescuers died in that cave, and that’s sad. “

The comments were nearly all similar. They were very prayerful and faithful even though they understood the rescue would be treacherous.

Martha Hla also said she was worried about the situation, and was hoping they will make it out safely. She believed God would show a miracle.

Kahmiya Win also praised the diver who died while trying to help the boys and their coach. “It’s sad that one passed away. But he…gave his life helping others.”

Rev. Powell said some of the Thai and Burmese at the church have experienced religious persecution for being Christians in their homelands.

“Most of them who come here are already a part of the body of Christ,” said Rev. Powell. “So they come and want to serve, and they just want to do God’s work. They are praying people.”


Photo: Students at a school in India hold candles and pray for the Thai soccer players and their coach in this July 9, 2018 photo. ( Photo/Ajit Solanki)

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