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The manner in which Hungarians are coming to the aid of persecuted Christians is considered to be exemplary in America

Tristan Azbej, the Deputy State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians of the Prime Minister’s Office, held discussions in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the visit, held from the 19th – 24th June,  was to coordinate the activities of both the Hungarian and American governments, aimed at the protection of the interests of persecuted Christians  and the safeguarding of religious freedom.   Another goal of the discussions was to share the experiences of the “Hungary Helps” humanitarian programme.

During a visit to the US Department of State, the Hungarian Deputy Secretary of State presented his government’s reconstruction programmes for the Middle East and Africa and also offered some useful experiences. The parties agreed to cooperate on the matter of the protection of religious freedom and Hungary was invited to attend a forthcoming ministerial conference in Washington.

Tristan Azbey had discussions with the leaders of the United States Agency for International Development – USAID. The heads of the multi-billion dollar project praised the “Hungary Helps” programme,  highlighting it as the model for a programme of their own, which was recently announced by Vice-President Mike Pence,  in support of persecuted Christians. The parties also agreed to the possibility of several joint Hungarian-American projects.

A Hungarian exhibition was highly endorsed at the Coptic Solidarity’s 9th Annual Conference at the U.S. Capitol, which aimed at the protection of Egypt’s Copts.

In addition to the leaders of the Coptic community living in Egypt and the diaspora,  French Hill and Chris Smith,  congressional district representatives highlighted the exemplary activities of Hungary. According to David Alton, a member of the House of Lords from England, the world with Christian roots should say “thank you” to Hungary.

The Deputy Secretary of State also held negotiations with the USCIRF Commissioner  (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom)  and with several charitable organisations.

For more news about  the Deputy State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians continuing to operate at the Prime Minister’s Office that has already been reported, please follow the link:


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