News from Hungary

The Christian culture of Hungary is now enshrined in the Constitution.

On Wednesday, Parliament enacted the Seventh Amendment to the Fundamental Law – the Hungarian Constitution, according to which the Christian culture of Hungary has been constitutionally protected. The amendment package, which was passed by a large majority, preserves the peace and security of private homes as well as stating that no foreign national from outside Europe can be resettled in Hungary.


The Parliament enacted the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution at the request of the Government. It has now become the fundamental duty of the Hungarian State to protect the country’s constitutional self-identity and Christian culture.

It is now also declared in the Fundamental Law that no foreign population can be settled in Hungary.

The Amendment also stipulates that persons exercising their freedom of expression and right of assembly cannot violate the privacy or family life of others and that the State must provide legal protection to ensure that private homes are not disturbed. With this Amendment, from October 15 onward, it is also forbidden to habitually reside in public premises.

The amendment to the Constitution, that required the support of two-thirds of all parliamentary representatives was approved by 159 votes with 5 votes against. The Amendment also created a special administrative law.

Besides the representatives of the major Hungarian parties: Fidesz, KDNP and Jobbik, the new independent member of Parliament Dóra Dúró and National Advocate of the German minority Imre Ritter also supported the bill, while five opposition members objected. (Ákos Hadházy among them, the former member of LMP, one of the minor opposition parties in Hungary) Thirty-five opposition MPs did not attend the vote.

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