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Pro-terrorist graffiti at church’s door in Sevilla

This is not the first time that this church is targeted with graffiti.

The church of a German town has been devastated by vandals

Vandalism against Christian places of worship is a widespread plague across Germany.

Church vandalised "for religious reasons" in Germany

The police have filed a complaint of damage to property.

Colorado church vandalised with pro-abortion graffiti

The vandalism comes four days after the Supreme Court allowed a Texas law banning most abortions after six weeks into a pregnancy.

Vandals smash window of a church in Italy

Acts of vandalism targeting churches are increasing across Europe during this period of Easter.

Two churches desecrated in Hungary within some days

On Monday, a Greek Catholic church was set on fire, and two days later, on Wednesday morning a Catholic church was found damaged.

Severe vandalism and arson of a church in Germany

The local police have begun an investigation.

Northern Ireland churches attacked over four hundred times in three years

On average, an attack on religious buildings, churchyards and cemeteries happens almost every other day in Northern Ireland.

The number of anti-Catholic attacks is skyrocketing in the U.S.

"We can't allow a handful of people to destroy religious freedom" underlined Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

A Catholic church vandalised in Quebec

The Saint-Pierre-de-La Vernière church has been classified as a heritage building since 1992.