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The number of anti-Catholic attacks is skyrocketing in the U.S.

Numerous attacks on Christians have multiplied in the last months in the United States. According to the website "Complicit Clergy", there were over sixty such incidents taking place this summer. The authors established a list of attacks including setting church buildings on fire, demolishing and painting monuments, symbols, and tombs or smashing stained glass windows...


Examples of anti-Catholic vandalism and profanation in August alone include removal of the head of the statue of the Virgin Mary from Holy Family Parish in Citrus Heights, California. Vandals also painted a swastika on the monument with the Decalogue.

In Denver, Colorado, vandals decapitated a statue of St. Jude in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. Last month in Florida, a man drove a minivan into a Catholic church where believers were gathering and attempted to set fire to the temple. In May, a Maronite church was also desecrated in Los Angeles with obscene graffiti.

These are just a few examples of the anti-Catholic attacks that have occurred recently, with the massive Black Lives Matter protests in the United States following the death of George Floyd.

Addressing the US Attorney General William Barra for intervention, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy stated that “Catholics are under attack in America.” Kennedy, himself a Methodist, wrote in his letter: “The tendency to profane Catholic spaces and property must stop. I trust you are taking active steps to identify and bring to justice those who have committed these devastating acts. I am also asking you to focus your efforts on preventing such violence against both Catholics and their property. “

The Senator stressed the fact that for the authors of the American Constitution, religious freedom was fundamental, which they included in the first amendment.


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