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A paint bomb attack defaced a church in The Netherlands

The paint reportedly even "ran in under the door".

The Amsterdam diocese is to close 60% of all its churches within 5 years

Church attendance among Dutch Catholics has fallen from 80% in the 1950s to only 3%, leading to large numbers of church closusures

Open Doors founder Andrew van der Bijl dies at 94

He was also knowm as "God's smuggler" for for having smuggled numerous Bibles to Communist countries.

Record number of euthanasia recorded in the Netherlands

In 2021, no fewer than 7,666 patients were killed on demand, representing an increase of over 10 percent compared to 2020.

Recurrent fire attempts on church-boat in the Netherlands

Attacks on Christian places of worship multiply across Western Europe.

Ten per cent of Belgian newborn death are due to euthanasia

The intentional murder of a child by "euthanasia" should be called what it really is: an infanticide.

Record number of people died by assisted suicide in the Netherlands in 2020

2020 saw a nine per cent increase in deaths by euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide from the previous year.

The Church in the Netherlands is afraid of total collapse

In 1970, forty per cent of the Dutch still identified as Catholics. In 2015, this number dropped to twenty-three per cent.

The Netherlands will facilitate access to abortion even more

The Netherlands already has one of the most permissive policies on abortion worldwide.

In the Netherlands, the elderly are killed on request because of "loneliness"

Netherlands is among the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to the question of assisted suicide.