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Recurrent fire attempts on church-boat in the Netherlands

The Scheepscentrum het Zuiden, alias “the captain's church” is getting hotter and hotter.


The faithful, who come from Raamsdonksveer, Oosterhout, Made and even Dordrecht and who live on land or on various boats moored here and there, denounce in the local press the recurrent attempts to burn them down by young delinquents, the last with a jerrycan of gasoline in early October.

“ It was quiet this week, but the last few weeks it was terrible […] Our gate was kicked in, a new lock had to be put in place. Then they also set fire to the newspaper bin on the [wooden] pier twice. This container holds the ship’s bulletins, such as the Schuttevaer, which our visitors can take with them. There are also copies for sailors who live on the water. But after the last fire, we put the papers inside. It was so close. A woman who came to clean up saw that the grass had burned and the last time the grass was still burning, the jerry can was next… what if we hadn’t been there? ”


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