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Scottish court ruled the recent closure of churches unconstitutional

The court found that enforcing the closure of churches violates fundamental human rights.

Scottish Evangelical church faces police investigation over worship gatherings

Hope United Church of Motherwell is being investigated for holding worship services that did not follow public health guidelines.

Christians criticise ban on communal worship in Scotland

If the claim is successful, the Scottish Government could be ordered to let churches open immediately.

"No-protest-zones" around abortion clinics demanded in Edinburgh

The buffer zones have been initiated by a campaign of university students called "Back off Scotland".

In Scotland, most hate crime victims are Catholic

In contrast, racially-motivated hate crimes have fallen by twenty per cent between 2014-2015 and 2019-2020.

The car of a priest was severely vandalised in Scotland

Police say the car was parked in a garage.

Church leaders sue Scottish government for criminalising in-person worship

On the 15th of January, a pre-action letter was sent to Scottish Ministers on behalf of the church leaders.

Abortionists ask the Scottish government to ban prayers at abortion clinics

According to abortionists, prayer vigils at hospitals deny women the right to privacy.

Scottish Episcopate: Allowing domestic abortion is "an ideological decision"

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Scottish Government lifted restrictions on pharmacological abortions at home.