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Salesians arrested in early November in Ethiopia have been released

The Ethiopian government closely monitors international cooperation organisations, including those linked to the Catholic Church

Six Salesian missinaries released in Ethiopia

They were not completely freed, they are still under house arrest.

Salesians facilitate access to clean water in Nigeria

Salesians in Nigeria have facilitated access to safe drinking water to five communities, in the “Clean Water Initiative” project.

First bishop known to die of coronavirus was missionary in Ethiopia

The Italian bishop of a missionary region of Ethiopia is the first Catholic bishop known to have died of the coronavirus pandemic.

Salesian Radio-Television "Ichilo" attacked in Yapacaní, Bolivia

Violent groups linked to the government of President Evo Morales attacked the Salesian station

A Spanish Salesian killed in Burkina Faso

This week, it was the third attack committed against the Catholic community in Burkina Faso

An interview with Brother Emmanuel, a Salesian religious from Nigeria

Boko Haram does not discriminate. If they attack a village, everybody needs to escape, both Christians and Muslims.