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The OIDAC Europe report for 2022/2023 has been published

In 2022, OIDAC Europe documented 748 anti-Christian hate crimes in 30 different countries.

Christians murdered, abducted or imprisoned in 2022 for their faith

Nigeria was found to be the country with the highest mortality rate for priests.

Some countries used coronavirus pandemic against religious minorities

Some countries used the COVID-19 pandemic to target religious minorities last year, a federal commission revealed on Wednesday.

Turkey labels USCIRF report 'biased' and 'unsubstantiated'

In a press release the Turkish MoFA worded a scathing response to the report.

India is the focus of US religious freedom commission's annual report

The climate of fear has increased among non-Hindu communities.

More than thirty-three million people internally displaced in 2019

Most of the people were forced to leave their homes due to armed conflicts and natural disasters.

Human Rights Violations Report of 2019 has been released in Turkey

The report shows some development just as much as regressions concerning religious freedom.

Christians continue to suffer in Iran, new report says

The Iranian intelligence service (MOIS) closely monitors Christian activity.

Religious freedom is deteriorating in Pakistan, new report says

Human rights are of great concern especially for poor people and women.

Open Doors: Drastic increase in attacks against Christian targets

Annual data suggests, in certain countries religious freedom is not guaranteed.