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Human Rights Violations Report of 2019 has been released in Turkey

Turkey’s Association of Protestant Churches has published its 2019 Human Rights Violations Report focusing on the state of religious freedom among Protestant Christians.


According to the report, there has been a considerable decrease in hate speech against Christians in 2019, in comparison to the previous year when in some cases Christian families had to leave Turkey due to intensified campaigns on traditional and social media portraying Christians as being aligned with terrorist groups.

The report of 2019 shows that improvements for Protestant Christians were noted which saw a reduction in 2019 of hate crimes and public hate speech against Protestants and many of the cases cited by the report had a judicial element, International Christian Concern reported on Monday. 

Other areas, however, represented a general worsening of the situation. The Association of Protestant Churches has regularly mentioned in reports the inability of Christians to train their own religious workers, an issue which has become more urgent with the passing of time. According to the report at least 35 foreign Protestants were barred from entering Turkey for no other reason than their faith, ICC wrote.


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