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Yet another church was closed by Indonesian authorities

Local governments often make it difficult for churches to obtain building permits and church closures are a common occurrence.

Arson at a Protestant temple in Northern France

The firefighters managed to contain the flames.

A drunk man disrupted a Protestant service in Ukraine

On the 27th of March, a drunk man interrupted Protestant worship in Ukraine.

Attempted arson of a Protestant church in Bavaria

Unknown people set fire to flyers and information material in the porch, fortunately the fire did not spread.

More than 70 Percent of churches are meeting again in U.S.

Most are practicing social distancing by closing off certain seats to battle the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey

Less than ten percent of U.S. Protestant churches held in-person Mass in April

In efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus, most churches in the U.S. halted their in-person worship services.

Switzerland: Holy Week and Easter without Mass in Geneva

Protestants also adopted similar solutions. Services will be held only in the Saint Peter's cathedral in Geneva.

Tajikistan: hefty fines for Bible translations

The Tajik language is spoken by almost 85% of the population of Tajikistan.

French government preocuppied with the situation of Christians in Algeria

The Protestant Church of Algeria considers itself "under increasing pressure and intimidation".

Pastors hold church service despite destruction of Christian village in Nigeria

On February 23, 2020 Boko Haram terrorists killed many innocents and set fire to at least five churches in Adamawa.