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Thousands of Danes protest plans to abolish Christian holiday

By abolishing Great Prayer Day, the government anticipates higher tax revenues. 

Anti-clerical activists disrupted a Mass in a Polish town

Some in the square tried to stop the protestors and were shocked by their presence.

Protests erupted in Nigeria against abductions

Hundreds of protesters have gathered after unknown gunmen conducted several kidnappings over the past week.

Mississippi city repeals rule restricting protesters at abortion clinics

The vote represents a major victory for free speech for Jackson and the state of Mississippi.

Global Order of Satan praises anti-Catholic protests in Poland

The group proudly announced the organisation of a "black mass" as a gesture of solidarity with the protests in Poland.

Churches Attacked amid #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria

Attacks on Christians are getting more frequent amidst the protest.

Nigerian bishops support protest against police brutality and corruption

Thousands of Nigerians have demonstrated daily since October 8th, protesting against the police’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad.