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Protest against child abductions in Pakistan


2022 has just begun, but four Christian girls have been abducted so far this year in Pakistan. On the 17th of January, human rights groups organised a protest to appeal for change.

2022 has only just begun and at least four Christian girls have been abducted this year in Pakistan. The Union of Catholic Asian News reports how Pakistani human rights groups have had enough. The chairman of Voice of Justice called the law enforcement agencies incompetent for being unwilling or unable to convict the kidnappers and rapists. A protest was organized on January 17 at the Karachi Press Club to appeal for change. Ilyas Samuel, the spokesman for Voice of Justice, has petitioned the government to no effect.

“There is gender-based violence and child abuse in the country. We see an increase in it as there is a lack of action on the part of government institutions.”

ICC recently reported on one of the girls who was kidnapped and abused. A Muslim man abducted the 16-year-old Christian student outside her college, took her out of the city, and raped her repeatedly before dropping her off unconscious on the street. At least three other Christian girls have endured similar cruelties. Zarish and Angel, 17 and 15, were taken while they were shopping. 14-year-old Mahnoor Ashraf was abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and marry her abductor.


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