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Pro-Palestine graffiti smeared on an Italian church

The pro-Palestine vandals probably wanted to draw attention to the ongoing situation in the Gaza strip.

Catholics were killed in a church in Gaza

The Holy Family Church, the only Catholic Church in the Gaza Strip, is home to the Missionaries of Charity.

Patriarch of Jerusalem offered to swap himself for Israeli hostages in Gaza

Pierbattista Pizzaballa says he would "do anything" in order to set the captive children free.

The Pope implored peace and prayed that a ceasefire might hold.

On Sunday, Pope Francis appealed for peace in the Holy Land, following the soaring violence in the Gaza Strip.

An Orthodox priest was assaulted in Jerusalem

Jerusalem police told The Times of Israel they had no knowledge of the incident.

Gaza churches are in jeopardy

Christians are feeling pressure from all sides and are in many ways cut off from fellowshipping

An Orthodox church was attacked in Palestine

According to the church leaders, the attack came after a "quarrel between a few young men".

The number of Christians in the Holy Land is decreasing at an alarming rate

In 1948, there were 30,000 Christians in Jerusalem alone. Currently, only 15,000 of them live there.

Church leaders in Jerusalem demand more protection for Holy Land Christians

“Racist discrimination should never be accepted,” said Wadie Abunassar, a spokesman and adviser to churches in the Holy Land.

Christians in Palestine thanked for Hungary Helps aid during coronavirus

By its support of Christians, Hungary Helps provides aid to the entire local community.