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Germany's migration office ignores persecution of Christian converts

Political correctness is a plague which impacts Germany to a great extent.

Germany increasingly deports Christian converts to Muslim countries

The authorities in Germany suspect that many converts are only faking their conversion to Christianity.

Pakistani Christian living in Germany threatened with deportation

It is unknown how long the visa procedure will take and when Jahangir will be allowed to re-enter Germany.

Hundreds of churches to welcome Hong Kongers fleeing China's surveillance state

Hong Kong was a British colony until the handover in 1997, when the "one country, two systems" principle was enacted.

Christians robbed by migrants during a liturgical service in Serbia

According to the latest update of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there are currently 8,052 migrants in Serbia.

More than half of students do not speak German at home in Vienna

In Vienna, as early as 2014, the percentage of Muslim children in high schools was higher than that of Catholic children.