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Radical feminist group takes credit for string of church attacks in Germany

The first arson attack happened in 2014, and, as in 2019, a confession was published online.

Cardinal defends German ban on abortion advertising in powerful pro-life homily

"We are called not to advertise for killing! We have to advertise for life."

German pro-life journalist’s car set ablaze for encouraging March for Life

Pro-abortion activists have set a German pro-life journalist’s car ablaze, after he encouraged readers to attend the German March

The European Union and religious liberty: progress, indifference or decline?

Religious freedom inside and outside of Europe at times seems to be worsening, not improving.

Tristan Azbej: The 'Hungary Helps Programme' is recognised in Germany

The basic tenet of our policy is that help must be channeled to crisis regions, instead of importing problems to Europe

Germany's first transgender MP set for state parliament

Representing the Green Party, Tessa Ganserer is Germany’s first openly transgender politician.

How much does Migration cost Germany every year?

Dr Gunnar Beck – EU lawyer and legal theorist, SOAS University of London

Study claims Western-born Muslims more likely to be radicalised

"Muslims born in the Western world show greater willingness to use force to defend Muslims around the world"

A Muslim chancellor? "Why not?"

The leader of the Christian Democratic Union faction can imagine a Muslim as chancellor of Germany

Without a scarf may turn out rough

European girls in Vienna are wearing headscarves to avoid assaults by male Muslim migrants