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A Catholic priest has been beaten up during Mass in Berlin

In one of Berlin's Catholic parishes, an unknown man beat up a priest who was celebrating Sunday Mass on the 30th of August. According to information from the police referring to witnesses' reports, the incident took place in the church of St. Joseph in the Wedding district.


Witnesses reported that a man sitting in one of the pews at one point left the bench, spat on the floor, and then ran to the altar and punched the 61-year-old priest. He also shouted anti-religious slogans.

After hitting the priest, the attacker tore a few pages from the Missal lying on the altar. When the priest’s brother ran up to the altar, the attacker hit him with a Missal, and then ran away from the church.

After this incident, the parish priest and his 56-year-old brother were treated by the medical service who arrived at the scene. Both sustained minor injuries, police said. 


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