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Priest sentenced to 8 years in prison in Nicaragua

The court of Managua found the Nicaraguan priest Oscar Benavidez Dávila guilty of “conspiracy.”

A Vietnamese priest was banned from travelling abroad

According to UCA News, the airport’s public security unit considers the 45-year-old priest a threat to national security.

Priest murdered in Nigeria after Christmas Eve mass

Nigeria remains one of the countries in which it is the most dangerous to be a Christian.

Young Catholic priest beaten to death in Poland

Franciscan Fathers are asking for prayers for their deceased brother.

Five abducted Christians in Mali have been freed

All five men are said to be in good health.

Kidnapped priest released in Cameroon

Father Eboka thanked parishioners for the prayers that got him through his difficult circumstance.

Catholic priest arrested by Myanmar military has been released

The priest of the diocese of Banmaw was released after four days of detention,arrested by a Burmese army patrol.

Pastor and Rabbi jointly release a book about Christians killed in Africa

After meeting the victims of persecution a Christian priest and a Rabbi wrote a book together about Christians killed in Africa.

Catholic priest kidnapped and tortured in China

A source from the diocese told Bitter Winter that his detention was due to his disobedience of the government.