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Brandeis University suspends its partnership with Al-Quds about nazi salute

The Palestine Al-Quds campus involved demonstrators wearing black military gear, marched and raising the traditional Nazi salute.

Christians from Bethlehem visit US President to appeal for peace

Three Christian leaders from Bethlehem are visiting the US to appeal to the President

4-year-old American girl among 17 hostages released by Hamas

4-year-old American-Israeli girl, Abigail Edan, was among 17 hostages released on the third day of a ceasefire.

The ordeal of Christians in Gaza continues

Gazan Christians, who are stuck in the middle of the ongoing conflict, often are obliterated in media coverage

Over 50 Christian homes and a Catholic school destroyed in Gaza

A Catholic school and over 50 Christian homes have been destroyed in the latest airstrikes

Pastor stuck in Egypt struggles to evacuate wife and children trapped in Gaza

Relatives attended the funeral of Gazan Christians killed after an Israeli airstrike hit next to St. Porphyrius Orthodox Church.

Christian hospital attack leaves estimated 500 dead in Gaza

An air strike on a Christian hospital in Gaza on Tuesday the 17th of October resulted in hundreds of casualties.

IDF Orders one Million Civilians to Evacuate Northern Gaza

"We are not seeing the residents of Gaza Strip as our enemies,” said Ambassador Gilad Cohen.