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Young Palestinian Christian woman arrested in West Bank

The Archbishop of Canterbury has appealed for the release of a young Christian woman who has been arrested by Israeli forces

Instead of starting wars, we should strive for peace and stability

"We should strive for peace and stability," declared Tristan Azbej in Brussels at the European Humanitarian Forum.

Hungary is helping people of different religions in Gaza

Hungary is providing help to the people in Gaza conflict are suffering together.

Bethlehem is empty of joy - no Christmas celebration this year

Sombre nativity in Bethlehem's Manger Square includes barbed wire

Two Christian women killed in Holy Family Parish in Gaza

The victims are an elderly woman and her daughter who tried to rescue her.

Gaza's only Catholic church damaged in airstrike

Shrapnel from Israeli army strikes on nearby buildings damaged the Holy Family Church

Hamas uses rape as a weapon of war against kidnapped Israeli women

Hamas may be holding female hostages to keep them from talking, US official says.

Brandeis University suspends its partnership with Al-Quds about nazi salute

The Palestine Al-Quds campus involved demonstrators wearing black military gear, marched and raising the traditional Nazi salute.

Christians from Bethlehem visit US President to appeal for peace

Three Christian leaders from Bethlehem are visiting the US to appeal to the President

4-year-old American girl among 17 hostages released by Hamas

4-year-old American-Israeli girl, Abigail Edan, was among 17 hostages released on the third day of a ceasefire.