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Gaza’s only Catholic church damaged in airstrike

Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need confirmed that Gaza's only Catholic church has been damaged in an Israeli air strike aimed at nearby buildings.

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem reported the aftermath of the attack to Aid to the Church in Need on the 11th of December. 

Water tanks and solar panels on the roof of the Holy Family Church have been destroyed. Many of the cars and parts of the parish complex were also badly damaged. 

The Holy Family Church is the dwelling of the Rosary Sisters and a priest who are caring for 750 dislocated Christians, including 100 children and 70 people with learning difficulties. Despite drastic destitution, the sisters wish to remain and care for the community. They have run out of fuel and don’t have any electricity or phone lines. 

Aid to the Church in Need assists thousands of Christians in the Holy Land, providing hot meals, food coupons, medical supplies and financial support to cover rent and utility bills. It has also provided support for Christians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Vicariate for Migrants and Asylum Seekers. Most of them work in hospitality and have lost their livelihoods since pilgrimages and holidays in the Holy Land have been cancelled.

According to a local member: “Only a miracle prevented a big catastrophe from happening to us.”

Local sources also confirmed that an unexploded missile had been found on the boundaries of the church on the 12th of December. The missile caused severe anguish among Gaza’s Christians, who have taken refuge in the area: “Imagine the level of trauma among children and all the people there in case it explodes. It is impossible to dismantle it unless the Israeli army itself intervenes.”



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