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Thirty people attending Christian wedding arrested in Eritrea

The NGO Christian Solidarity Worldwide sounded the alarm about the recent arrests taking place in Eritrea.

Brazil will present a documentary series about persecuted Christians

"Faces of the persecution" (Faces da Perseguição) will be a weekly series that presents the life of persecuted Christians

Catholic Church suffering violence in Ethiopia, Eritrea

Over the past two years, over 30 churches have been attacked in Ethiopia - half burned to the ground.

Online protest for freedom of religion in Eritrea

Tens of thousands of Eritreans are currently detained without trial in life threatening conditions in the country.

Ethiopian Archbishop refused entry to Eritrea

He and his fellows had to spend the night in the airport, before returning to Ethiopia.

Eritrea: a high-ranked Ethiopian Catholic delegation blocked at Asmara airport

The harsh Asmara regime still shows distrust and suspicion of religious and political figures from Ethiopia.

Pastor jailed, tortured and starved in Eritrea

He was told to reject his Christian beliefs so the beatings would stop

Eritrea's last Catholic hospital closed with force

Eritrea's last Catholic hospital was closed on Friday, with the nuns who ran the facility taken away by police

Another 30 Pentecostal Christians arrested in Eritrea

Thirty Christians were arrested on Monday, June 3, while praying at nondenominational churches in Eritrea

141 Christians in prison because of their faith in Eritrea

Since 2002, a law was enacted that prohibits the practice of minority religions