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Church of England urges government to allow singing to return to church

Normal services are not expected to resume until at least the 4th of July or later.

JK Rowling explains views on transgenderism: "I refuse to bow down"

The author went on to express concern for the current explosion of transgender activism in the United Kingdom.

Double standards regarding safety regulations in English places of worship

"If stores are open, just like mosques and synagogues, why should churches be closed?" asks Bishop Philip Egan.

Burglars smash stained glass window at Leicester Cathedral

There was fortunately no other damage aside from the window that has been broken.

England to be rededicated to Mary in revival of medieval tradition

King Richard II made the first dedication in 1381. English religious leader speaks of new “national challenges.”

Abortion industry continues to prosper in Great Bitain

Almost one out of four pregnancies in Great Britain currently ends with an abortion.

Muslim asylum seeker imprisoned for killing wife who converted to Christianity

A U.K. court sentenced a Muslim Iranian asylum seeker to jail

Message about Jesus is "Islamophobic"?

Christian street preacher's arrest draws attention to silencing of Christians in multicultural Britain

Too English to be true! - or appreciated

The primary school got rated down because the majority of pupils are white British