Tag: Christian Persecution

The top 50 countries where it’s hardest to be a Christian in 2020

These countries bring millions of Christians onto Open Doors’s 2020 World Watch List of Christian.

In Iran, it is a crime to be a Christian

The Islamic Republic of Iran is unleashing a sweeping crackdown on Christians, particularly those who have converted from Islam.

Iran Takes Aim at Iraqi Christians on TV

Even as Iranian State media runs a propaganda campaign congratulating Christians, others are quick to say otherwise

Christians have to prepare for another not so 'Merry Christmas' in India

In some cases, entire programs have been cancelled due to fear that the programs will invite attacks

NGO report: Over 1000 Christians in Nigeria killed by Fulani, Boko Haram in 2019

Anti-Christian extremists continue to plague rural farming communities in the African Middle Belt

Second International Conference on Christian Persecution concludes in Budapest

More than 600 participants, from more than 40 countries, many years of hard work, patriarchs, cardinals, politicians

Hungary and Russia in cooperation for persecuted Christians in the Middle East

President Putin thanked PM Orbán for proposing a meeting with Middle East religious leaders and offered assisting Christians

Pastor beat unconscious by radicals in India’s Gujarat State

They were repeating, ‘Do not come to our village either to visit or to preach – we do not want Christians to enter our village.’