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Christians called to unite in public prayer and faith for Good Friday

An inter-denominational prayer campaign has been launched to unite the Church in celebrating Easter and the hope to be found.

10 Movies for Holy Week that are streaming now

This year’s quarantine is a great opportunity to watch films about the lives of the saints and of Christ.

A call to put Easter crosses in windows as rainbows spread hope across UK

Bishop Rt Rev Julian Henderson, has encouraged Christians to make a cross and place it in their window.

Priests have ‘obligation’ to give sacraments to dying, ‘regardless’ of what.

Because the priest's obligation is the person’s salvation over his own physical well-being,” he said.

Britons rededicate England to the Blessed Virgin Mary

More than half a million people took part Sunday in the rededication of England to Our Lady Sunday, organizers have said.

Police raids on Italian churches raise religious freedom concerns

In theory the citations could lead to fines or even jail terms, despite constitutional protections in Italy guaranteeing freedom

Jim Caviezel: Passion of the Christ sequel: Resurrection ‘will be a masterpiece’

“The films they make are Marvel comic movies,” said Caviezel. “You'll see Superman, but you won't see Jesus.”

Peruvian bishop rescinds permission for confession by phone

For some days, priests of his diocese could hear sacramental confessions by telephone, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

How to deal with a new, religiously indifferent America?

We’re living in the midst of a second Reformation. The Church in the United States is about to face a very painful contraction.

Vatican declares Easter Masses cannot be moved due to coronavirus

Easter'cannot be transferred to another time,' said Cardinal Robert Sarah.