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Christians called to unite in public prayer and declaration of faith for Good Friday

The initiative, spearheaded by church leaders across the UK and Ireland is a combined response of unity and healing to the ongoing pandemic. An inter-denominational prayer campaign has been launched to unite the Church in celebrating Easter and the hope to be found in the gospel during the coronavirus crisis. 


Christians across the UK are being encouraged to join in a declaration of Jesus’ death on the cross this Good Friday.

In the same spirit of unity, believers throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have been invited to step out of their homes at 3pm on Good Friday to pray the Lord’s prayer, sing ‘Amazing Grace’ and declare that ‘It is finished’ in acknowledgement of Jesus’ last words on the cross.

One of the key leaders involved is Jonathan Oloyede from the National Day of Prayer and Worship. He says it is an opportunity for believers to publically declare their faith.

“It enables Christians to identify and show that we are people who care and that we believe in prayer. We also want to connect with our communities. I’m sending out the text to all my neighbours to step out at 3pm with me whether they have faith or they don’t have and show a spirit of community, connectedness and love, he said.

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