Tag: Christian heritage

1,200-year-old cross in Pakistan implies Christianity was there before Islam

There are currently no Christian families in that area, but they were once present.

French Cathedral of Nantes on fire

The cathedral caught fire for reasons yet unknown

Syria: Cathedral rises up from the ashes of persecution

A restored cathedral in Aleppo, which was bombed, is to be officially re-opened – a sign of the enduring presence of Christianity

National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2020

The National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2020 takes place on Tuesday, 30 June, from 8.30-9 am. You are welcome to join on line!

Australian medical conference defends Christian vision amid LGBT pressure

The Australian Catholic Medical Association website has a resource page on sex and gender with articles, documents and videos.

American religiosity and its recent decline

Research aims to quantify and explain drop in US religiosity

French bishop calls for Catholics’ right to participate freely in Mass

Bp. Bernard Ginoux's strongly worded letter received widespread attention in the French Catholic media.

Christian persecution reaches beyond the grave

Residents of Naktoka village who follow a mix of tribal religion and Hinduism threatened to kill followers of Jesus

Hungary's pro-family measures bearing fruit

Hungary’s Pro-Family Policy Is Working, Births Up 9.4 Per Cent

Spanish mayors thanks Church for ministry during coronavirus pandemic

He expressed gratitude "for quiet and heroic labor and for support for the most vulnerable, and dedication to the sick".