Tag: Attacks on Christians

58 crimes committed in Cumbria churches in one year

This is an increase of 11 crimes from the previous year. Cumbria is one of six county forces to record an increase.

Islamists tried to kill a Christian leader in Egypt

According to eyewitnesses, a Christian died and others were injured in the attack.

French defender of Christians Daniel Hamiche dies

Daniel Hamiche had visited the hospital several times over the last months and his relatives knew he might die soon.

A project to help suffering Christians in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has been suffering from violent Islamic attacks throughout the country’s northern region over the past two years

Church in India set on fire by suspected radical Hindu nationalist

The state of Tamil Nadu is known for its sizable Christian population and it is of the most hostile state for Christians to live.

Christians in Pakistan celebrate Christmas amid beefed up security

This is to protect the country’s Christian community against the potential of terrorist attack

Pope Francis holds private meeting with Mike Pompeo

Pompeo and Pope Francis urge religious freedom in Mideast, and elsewhere

Hungary in talks with Nigerian Christian leaders

The main topics discussed were the migration crisis and the persecution of Christians.