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India - consolation while helping everyone: Christians, Hindus, Muslims alike.

How Sister Christin and Small Christian Communities (SCCs) try to help people of all religions.

India’s Christian hospitals, doctors in the forefront against coronavirus

Christian hospitals have re-organized their wards, staff, and equipment to successfully cooperate with the Indian government.

Christian persecution is booming in Asia

In Asia, Christians are subject to persecutions from Communist, Hindu and Islamic regimes.

India: Police arrest seven church attendees in Kerala

The fight against COVID-19 may be used as a pretext to limit religious freedom in countries where Christian persecution is growing

Despite hostility and rising nationalism, the Church in India continues to grow

According to National General Secretary of the All-India Christian Council, most Hindus view Christianity as a foreign religion.

Abducted Pastor, who was presumed dead, released by Arakan army

U Tun Nu was a pastor at Believers Church Myanmar before he was abducted at gunpoint in January 2019.

Pakistan: Christian sanitation workers at risk amid COVID-19 lockdown

According to Pakistani Christian leaders, Christians make up between 80% to 90% of the country’s sanitation workforce.

Baptist Church in Indonesia unable to build its church due to protests

The construction of houses of worship is in accordance with the rules, but intolerant local residents continue to issue excuses