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Boko Haram abducted forty people in single attack

On Thursday, the 24th of December, Boko Haram abducted 40 people from the Wulgo Forest in Borno State, Nigeria.

British Prime Minister urged to grant asylum to Pakistani Christian teen

Over nine thousand people signed a petition asking Boris Johnson to grant Maira Shahbaz and her family asylum in the UK.

Pakistani Court validates abduction and marriage of underaged Christian girl

Although most government officials do not support Islamic child marriage, they are often bullied by radical Muslim groups.

Pastor in Nigeria Appeals for Release from Islamist Terrorists

A video got uploaded from the abducted Pastor.

Christian siblings abducted and sold to witch doctor in Uganda

Conversion from Islam to Christianity is severely punished by radical Muslims in Uganda.

A project to help suffering Christians in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has been suffering from violent Islamic attacks throughout the country’s northern region over the past two years

A story that ends well in Pakistan: Breakthrough for Maira

A Christian mother in Pakistan has achieved a significant breakthrough in her struggle to win back her abducted daughter

Kidnapped Christian girl now pregnant from rape

A kidnapped girl phoned her parents to tell she is pregnant after being raped by her abductor, who imprisoned her in his house.

The persecution of Christians in just one month - Part III.

This is an unusual and sad collection of hate towards Christians - abduction, rape, and forced conversion of Christian women

Islamist militants abducted four aid workers in Northeast Nigeria

In this region the conflict with Boko Haram has fueled one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis