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Three out of the five kidnapped priests released in Haiti

Kidnappers threaten to starve the others unless one million dollar ransom is paid.


Three priests who were kidnapped in Haiti on April 11 have been freed, according to Vatican News.

The release on Friday, combined with the liberation of a layperson earlier this week, leaves two other priests, two nuns, and two of their relatives still in captivity. 

The group was on its way to attend the installation of a parish priest when they were kidnapped in the town of Croix Les Bouquets, northeast of the capital, Port Au Prince.

There is a ransom demand for one million US dollars, plus reparations from the French government, which was the colonial power in Haiti until independence in 1803.

One woman who was ill was released Monday. The kidnappers, members of a gang called 400 Mawozo, are threatening to starve those they are still holding.


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