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Christian witches ahead of first annual convention

"Jesus was a 'sorcerer, Bible a book of magic" say Christian witches gathering for their first annual convention

First summit of EU and Arab League held in Egypt

The causes of today’s migration tensions will intensify

Kidnapped students released after two days in Cameroon

Nearly two hundred students were kidnapped from a school

Priest assassinated while helping refugees

Priest murdered by the people he wanted to help

Iranian Cleric Warns Against Spread of Christianity

Iranian youth's faith in Islam is diminishing

Pro-abortion movement attacks in Argentina again

The "Green Tide" movement demonstrates against life

Live ultrasound of third-trimester baby to be broadcast in Times Square

Pro-life group plans May 4 rally in New York City.

Pastor Brunson has been granted Hungarian citizenship

The Presbyterian priest praises Hungary's Christian aid policies

A Christian man was beheaded for his faith in Orissa, India

AsiaNews reported that a Christian evangelical man was beheaded in Orissa because of his faith.