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5 Best Moments of 2019 for Life and Family on world stage

1. The United States begins building pro-life coalition of states. 2. For the first time ever, the U.S. threatened to veto a UN Security Council resolution because of abortion 3. Nations expose and reject dangerous abortion-related language in UN documents. 4. President Trump stands up for the rights of unborn children at the UN General Assembly 5. U.S. begins to close loopholes in the Mexico City Policy.


One of the 5 Pro-life achievements was when the U.S. veto threat forced Germany to remove “sexual and reproductive health” from a UN Security Council resolution on women in crisis and conflict settings. Belgium, along with permanent members France and the U.K., backed the German view.

The U.S.’s willingness to part ways with NATO allies over abortion is a significant event and may presage a showdown in Geneva next May when the U.S. faces a review by other nations on its human rights record. 

In November, U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN Kelly Craft stood up to the Europeans again on the same resolution.

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