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Catholic nuns help human trafficing victims

The Catholic Sisters of St. Louis run a center in Lagos, Nigeria, that offers shelter for the victims of human trafficking. The sisters also provide support and a program for the reintegration of the victims into society.

Human trafficking is a global problem, but there are certain regions and countries that are more affected by it. Nigeria has, for a long time, been a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking. In a country where victims need help, the Catholic Sisters of St. Louis are trying to make a difference.

The religious sisters run the Bakhita Empowerment Center in Lagos, Nigeria. Here, they are providing shelter and help for the victims of human trafficking. They also hold education campaigns to prevent others from becoming victims of human trafficking.

In the center, women and girls find a safe environment with counselling and rehabilitation to help them reintegrate into society. Now, the safe house has 30 survivors. Four religious women work in the center to support survivors’ physical and psychological recovery.

The sisters’ care does not stop after the victims finish counselling and therapy. They monitor them further to analyse their recovery and, if needed, provide further counselling. The sisters also help those willing to attend school and ensure that those who want to study and learn new skills are enrolled.

Since the Bakhita Empowerment Center opened in 2019, the sisters working there have helped about 150 survivors.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: Sisters of St Louis

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