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Three house church members arrested in Vietnam

Three members of a Protestant house church were arrested in Vietnam. The police came for them without any warrant or explanation. Their condition and exact whereabouts are unknown. 

The police arrested three house church members in Vietnam on March 4. The people arrested are Y Qui Bdap, Y Nam Bkrong, and Y Kic Bkrong. All of them are members of an independent Protestant house church in Dak Lak province.

According to Pastor Y Khen Bdap, whose relatives were arrested, the police came on March 3 evening to check their documents and place, and then the next morning, without any warrant or explanation, the police appeared at their workplace and arrested them.

Pastor Bdap himself spent time in jail after the police arrested him in 2004 on charges of ‘disturbing public order’ and for his religious activities. He and his relatives arrested are members of an independent Protestant church that the government does not recognize. Because of the lack of recognition, the communist government makes their work hard to carry out. The communist authorities frequently disturb them.

The family has no information about the condition or the whereabouts of the detained family members.

Source: Asia News

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