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Sola Fide Church raided in China

China police

Policemen stormed the gathering in Xiaotuan and arrested about 200 believers.

A significant Sola Fide worship service was held on January 27 in Xiaotuan, Helongjiang Province, China, where believers had also gathered from hundreds of kilometres away.

The Sola Fide network in China is a loose network of conservative Protestant churches that are not willing to align themselves with the Three-Self Church, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party; for this reason, the network is constantly monitored and often raided.

Even among numerous raids in the past, this action was exceptional because of its size. A local villager said,

“Even when they arrest criminals, we have never seen so many police officers!”

Approximately 150 police and special public security officers stormed the gathering. It led to the arrest of about 200 believers.

Source: Bitter Winter

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