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Hosts and other sacred objects were stolen from an Italian church

On the 8th of January, between 2am and 4am, thieves broke into the sanctuary of Beata Vergine dell'Olmo in Portomaggiore, Italy, and stole hosts, sacred objects, video and sound equipment, and damaged the interior of the church.


When the parish priest, Don Ugo Berti, went to prepare for the first Mass of the day at 6.30am he found the church door open. At first he thought it was an accident, but then he saw that the entrance had been forced open in several places.

He quickly alerted the authorities. “I am afraid it was a theft on behalf of Satanists: the hosts could be used to celebrate black masses,” the parish priest said.

“They went into the sacristy and took the camera, the loudspeakers, the microphones and all the amplification equipment. Items that are now worth very little on the market, but that were essential to the parish,” he explained.

Many of the stolen items are made of brass, so they cannot be sold at a high price. Nevertheless, there was damage to the interior of the church.  








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