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‘I didn’t feel particularly wanted as a Christian in the SNP’

Dr Lisa Cameron, a Christian MP left the Scottish National Party (SNP) because of a toxic anti-Christian work environment.

According to Dr Cameron, who has been an MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, her Christian faith had been “frowned upon” by some members in the SNP: “I didn’t feel particularly wanted as a Christian in the SNP. You were made to feel like you’re a Christian but just don’t raise it very much, certainly don’t vote in line with your beliefs. I had voted against abortion regulation previously in the Parliament and that had been another issue with the SNP.”

After defecting to the Conservative party on Thursday, she and her family have been forced to go into hiding in Scotland after she was threatened with being “bricked” in the street. She moved to a secret location with her husband and two daughters after receiving violent email threats, including: “I hope someone throws a brick at you in the street”, “I hope you burn” and “Think your mental health is bad now – wail till you see what abuse and nastiness you’re going to have to put up with”.

Dr Cameron said: “We have had a lot of personal threats. Unfortunately, I think that’s where the political discourse has got to in Scotland: aggression, violence and anger are coupled on to the debate about nationalism.”

Due to her opposition of the SNP’s so-called ‘progressive’ ideology, she received abuse from her colleagues and had to go to a counsellor after experiencing panic attacks and mental health issues: “I found it to be quite a psychologically coercive situation. They are always right. If you question things you are wrong and you’re isolated. There is a lot of fear and intimidation.”



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