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The Hungarian Center for Fundamental Rights joined the American FSA

Alapjogokért Központ

The Free Speech Alliance (FSA), an umbrella organization created by the Media Research Center (MRC), an American media research center, has announced the joining of the Center for Fundamental Rights. The FSA advocates for freedom of speech.

The Center for Fundamental Rights has stated that, as Hungary’s leading think-tank, its objective is to preserve the nation’s national identity, sovereignty, and Judeo-Christian social traditions.

“Increasingly, examples of tech giants’ censorship are coming to light, both in the United States and worldwide. We now know that the U.S. government exerted pressure and colluded with social media companies to censor and suppress freedom rights,” quoted the statement of L. Brent Bozell, the founding president of the Media Research Center (MRC).

“We are proud that the Center for Fundamental Rights has been accepted as a member of the Free Speech Alliance. We look forward to working together to defend freedom of speech globally,” they added.

They mentioned that the FSA now has more than 130 member organizations, with thirteen operating outside the United States.

As numerous prominent organizations worldwide face censorship, they emphasized that the fight against tech giants’ actions is a global issue.

“As the globalized, post-modern left puts increasing pressure on Western civilization, it is essential for all well-intentioned right-wing men and women to unite against this attack. If the left’s censorship efforts succeed, every voice of reason could be driven out of the marketplace of ideas, including vital areas such as protecting children from gender ideology and maintaining border security to control illegal and unchecked migration. We are all united in the fight for freedom and peace. We proudly stand with MRC in this historic struggle,” said Miklós Szánthó, the director of the Center for Fundamental Rights, according to the statement.

Dan Schneider, the vice president responsible for freedom of speech at MRC, added in his statement:

“We have found evidence that the Biden administration, in collusion with foreign organizations, is extending its censorship to every corner of the world. Everyone who values freedom must join this fight. The Center for Fundamental Rights has already proven its leadership role in Europe and will be a valuable member of the Alliance. FSA warmly welcomes the Center for Fundamental Rights among its members and looks forward to the partnership in the fight against global censorship.”

The Free Speech Alliance, established by the Media Research Center, is a coalition of defenders of freedom of speech. With more than 130 American and international members, the umbrella organization fights shoulder to shoulder worldwide against censorship by tech giants.

Source: MTI

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