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Hungarian rescue team have left for Turkey

The Hungarian Hunor rescue team departed from Budapest on Monday for Turkey to help the victims of the recent earthquake. The Hungarian government will also provide forty million Hungarian forints in financial aid for the deployment of Hungarian medical and technical civil rescue teams in Turkey

In his farewell speech to the search and rescue unit of the National Directorate General of Disaster Prevention, Bence Rétvári, Parliamentary Secretary of State of the Ministry of Human Resources, highlighted that in a case of a catastrophic situation,  it is crucial to act quickly. The earlier the aid arrives, the more likely lives can be saved.

The Hunor rescue team was founded eleven years ago, and since then, it has proved many times that the Hungarian disaster management team is one of the most prepared in the world.

Rétvári added that the Hungarian emergency aid will contribute to the strengthening of the Hungarian-Turkish friendship.

The emergency team consists of 55 people, including firefighters, military doctors and emergency workers. 

The Hunor’s equipment ensures that the rescue team is self-sufficient for ten days, freeing them from using up local resources.

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is giving emergency financial aid of 40 million Hungarian forints through the Hungary Helps Program. These funds will support the work of the Hungarian medical and emergency teams in Turkey, according to Tristan Azbej on his Facebook page. He also called his followers to pray for the victims, their relatives, and those participating in the rescue operation.

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