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Another priest has recently been kidnapped in Nigeria

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The Catholic priest was kidnapped on the 8th of November in the Diocese of Kaduna, Nigeria.

The diocese of Kaduna in northern Nigeria announced on Tuesday, the 8th of November, the kidnapping of one of its priests, Father Abraham Kunat, pastor of Saint Bernard Parish, Idon Gimat.

Four abducted priests were killed in 2022 in Kaduna, one of Nigeria’s states with the most kidnappings. 

“We inform you that one of our priests, Reverend Father Abraham Kunat, the parish priest of Saint-Bernard de Idon Gida, was kidnapped on Tuesday, the 8th of November, at around 12:30 p.m.,” said Father Christian Emmanuel Okewu, Chancellor of the Diocese of Kaduna, in a statement released hours after the abduction.


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