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Taxi driver attacked with knives after sharing Gospel with passenger in India


A Christian pastor in northern India who drives a taxi for a living didn’t think he had anything to fear when a well-mannered Sikh asked him to take a slight detour.


Pastor Sukhdev Mark, 47, had dropped him off the previous night at a hotel in Ambala, Haryana state after picking him up from a gurdwara, or Sikh place of worship. During their conversation, Pastor Mark gave him a Gospel tract, which the Sikh politely accepted, he said.

The Sikh called him the next day, Sept. 15, requesting that he take him from the hotel to the airport in Amritsar.

“I said, ‘Fine, I have no problem,’ then he asked me again, ‘Are you a pastor?’” Pastor Mark said. “I told him, yes, I lead a small church and also share the Gospel, and I drive a taxi for a living.’”

The Sikh told him to pick him up at the hotel at 4 p.m., he said.

“Throughout the journey to Amritsar, we didn’t talk much,” said Pastor Mark, a married father of two. “He was working on his laptop and had an iPhone, and so I thought he must be an educated man. I didn’t find him suspicious as he appeared to be a well-educated gentleman. He asked for my phone and set the location for directions to follow the route.”

As they approached the Celebrations Resort on the Majitha-Verka bypass road, the Sikh asked him to take a small by-lane, Pastor Mark said.

“There were some shops and, I thought he would want to buy some refreshments or snacks,” he said. “But he asked me to drive out of the by-lane, and as we got out of that route adjacent to the resort, three men came on a scooter and stopped the taxi on the main road.”

The Activa scooter didn’t have a license plate, he said. Pastor Mark asked the Sikh if he knew the men, and he replied that they were friends.


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