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Belarusian authorities destroyed a Polish Home Army cemetery

“The cemetery of the Home Army in Surkonty is being devastated by the services of the Minsk regime. The ones who believe that they will succeed in whipping out the memory of our heroes are deeply misled”, the spokesman of the Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry Łukasz Jasina wrote on Twitter.


“The inhabitants of the village of Surkonty in northwestern Belarus say that the police and heavy equipment have arrived and have started demolishing the graves of Home Army soldiers. If this is confirmed, it will be the largest Polish military cemetery destroyed by Belarus so far,” Giczan wrote on Twitter.

Information about this event was also provided on Thursday by the “Głos znad Niemna” portal. “Roads to the place where the act of barbarism is taking place are blocked by the police. And indignant local residents who try to register the committed crime are threatened with imprisonment. This is also the reason why it has so far not been possible to take a picture of this unimaginable atrocity […]“- the portal wrote.

The military cemetery in Surkonty is the place where 35 Home Army soldiers and their commander, Lieutenant Colonel Maciej “Kotwicz” Kalenkiewicz are buried. It was he who led the Home Army unit to clash with the 32nd regiment of the NKVD internal troops on August 21, 1944.

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