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A wave of Burmese refugees is moving towards India

As Intolerance AGainst Christians reports, ever since the February 2021 coup that deposed Myanmar’s democratically elected government, the ruling military junta has instated a reign of terror for the country’s religious minorities.


ICC has previously reported on the thousands of citizens who have been internally displaced due to the ongoing violence in Chin state. The most recently reported attack took place on August 14.

The military abducted five people, including two teenagers, after burning down at least fifteen homes in Haimual village. Two siblings, aged 17 and 15, died during the attack.

Chin state lies just across the border from Mizoram state in India. Consequently, many Burmese citizens that are displaced by the violence there have sought refuge in India. According to media outlet UCA News, at least 200 more residents of Chin state crossed into India in the last few days due to the destruction of their homes and livelihoods by the Burmese military.


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