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Lebanese Archbishop detained and interrogated

Lebanon cathedral

Lebanese Maronite Archbishop Musa Al-Hajj was detained and interrogated upon his return from a trip to Israel on July 19. Al-Hajj, who was returning from pastoral duties as the archbishop for Haifa and the Holy Land, was detained at the border crossing and faced an eight-hour interrogation.


The clergyman also received a summons for military court interrogations the following day, along with a travel ban imposed by military courts.

He was released only after church and judicial officials stepped in. Al-Hajj’s interrogation reportedly worked as an intimidation tactic against Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai.

Reports identify the threat against Al-Rai to originate in his vocal dissenting of Hezbollah, as well as a message to the Vatican and the identity of Lebanon.

Al-Rai has spoken publically about the upcoming presidential elections in October, which will select a new Maronite president as outlined by the country’s constitution, including concerns about the political coercion of Hezbollah as an Iranian proxy.


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