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Myanmar junta keeps on damaging churches and places of worship

More than 132 places of worship have been destroyed by arson and heavy weapons since the military takeover of the Myanmar government in February 2021.


Four regions known to be largely occupied by religious minorities have been targeted, including the Christian majority states Chin and Kayah, and Buddhist majority states Sagaing and Magway. These attacks are considered illegal according to the treaties established through the Geneva Convention that endorse the humane treatment of all citizens during times of war.

In Pale, a town in the Myanmar state of Sagaing, the military junta has carried out heavy attacks against the People’s Defense Force (PDF) that publicly opposes the military coup. As a result of these local attacks, 28 Buddhist temples have been destroyed.

In the predominantly Christian state of Chin alone, over 66 churches have been targeted and destroyed. Kayah, another state with considerable Christian population, has suffered similar destruction, with over 20 churches damaged.


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