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Coordinated attacks on pro-life organisations multiply across the USA

On May 2, Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion, revealing the potential outcome of the ongoing Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health was leaked from the Supreme Court, alluding to the potential revocation of the Roe v. Wade decision allowing abortion for parts of the country.


In the wake of the leak, many pro-choice Americans took to the streets, seeking to express disdain for the potential outcome. While rallies and protests were expected since Americans are guaranteed the right to express their opinions, a wave of hostility started against Catholics, who are doctrinally pro-life, and pro-life-leaning pregnancy resources centers.  

Rallying demonstrators initially threatened to disrupt Catholic Masses on Mother’s Day and to burn the Eucharist, as an attempt to punish Catholics for their convictions.

Following through on their word, demonstrations outside Catholic churches took place, including outside the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. 


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